CUBOT X16 S Unlocked 4G 5.0 Inch Smartphone

Storage: 3GB Big running storage make the phone smoothly even using much apps at the same time. 16GB Rom also can be extend to be 128GB with TF card.
OS: Installed the latest Android OS- Marshmallow Android 6.0 which can bring a better performence to you.
Camera: 13Mp Rear Camea and 5Mp Front Camera, what's more, function& modes are various. Gesture capture, smile shot, intelligent beauty, motion track and etc, give you more joy to taking pictures.
4G LTE Phone: Support 1* Micro Sim Card and 1* Micro Nano Card or 1* TF Card. Bands supported as below, 4g: 800/1800/2100/2600MHz, 2g:850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3g:900/2100MHz. Compatible with lots of Carriers like Vodafone, O2, EE, T-mobile, Three and etc. You can use sim card like giffgaff, Lebara, CTExcelbiz, Lyca, Talk home Mobile......
Hotknot: Screen to screen data transfer, faster than bluetooth. Making sharing easier in your friends.

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7 Responses to CUBOT X16 S
  1. I have had bad luck with my mobile phones in 2016. In January, a Samsung S4 Active with ner SpiderApp scrapped and then as a replacement an Acer Liquid E600 purchased, that now left me with a system total failure. The Acer can not be turned on. I then briefly thought about what I should do, spend a lot of money to buy me a new brand handy or look again for alternatives. I have decided for the alternatives and after a long time, I have decided for the Cubot X16S, because I had also set 150 € as the upper limit. I have the device now 5 days in the employment and am absolutely surprised by the quality and the service. A protective cover as well as two protective films are equal with what I value as a plus and the internal values ​​of the device convince also on the whole line. I hope that I will have a lot of pleasure on this device for a long time. Currently it is so and I would recommend this device. The missing LED is a pity, but this is for the price / performance ratio to plague. I am, however, only a phone caller and WhatsApper, as it looks with music, games and hours of internet I can not judge. For my conditions absolutely absolutely top the device.

  2. I bought myself because of a defect of my old mobile phone this smartphone and it has me blown away. The article is very well processed and also the included silicone sleeve is top. GPS reception is top class (perfect for Pokemon GO: D) Also the battery time is satisfactory (9 hours of it 4 hours Pokemon GO) Likewise, the LTE reception is very good, stronger than other LTE enabled mobile phones. I recommend any prospective buyer to buy this smartphone. It is really great and not only suitable for beginners, but also for advanced

  3. Something I have not experienced, had bought me via Amazon a Lenovo mobile phone from China for 400 ¬, since great design and so, however, I was immeasurably disappointed, had extreme problems after only 4 months and is still waiting as a transition I wanted I buy this “billighandy”, which nevertheless bissi what can. And now that, the phone surprises me every day anew, it can have everything, great little gadgets like the advertisement of the city when I call a landline number … I did not know something … in any case, it suggests my Lenovo in matters can be around Längen, it is all in German (with Lenovo much English and zt Chinese). Even the processing can absolutely keep up. The only manko what I can say so far is the display, which is not as sensitive as more expensive devices. Otherwise the thing is such a kracher and I can only recommend it! Would have brought me the thing at the same time!

  4. The X16S is excellently processed, since I have not seen anything else with Cubot so far. I like the form factor, I ordered the device in white. The display is razor-sharp, the touch functions work very well and I’m actually quite glad that the part has no notification LED.

  5. So, my first real smartphone, it could be anything. I have actually hardly any to complain about. I have shown it to some friends, who bought smartphones from the beginning, have already seen some, have followed the development and currently own one of the latest brand-name devices – and everyone is great. It is also almost no difference to the expensive brand handies! If, then I rather find that my display looks even better. The camera is perhaps not the best in the market, but we are talking about 150 euros and the camera is very neat.

  6. In the search for a new mobile phone I came across the Cubot x16.
    First of all, the favorable price came as an eye-opener.
    There I did not think long and simply ordered it.
    And yes, I am more than enthusiastic about this cheap smartphone.

  7. Top mobile phone for small money. Can keep up with iPhone and Co easy. So far I am very satisfied and I have the mobile phone now a few months in use.


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