01Dec 2016

The Cubot Cheetah 2 features an octa core processor, a 3GB memory, a 5.5 inch FULLHD display and 32GB memory. In addition, the phone offers a 13 megapixel camera, full LTE support and a fingerprint sensor. And for the 150 euros. What is behind the very chic façade and is it worth buying? The answers […]

18Nov 2016

17th in this month , Qualcomm announced that it will begin partnership with Samsung to develop the next-generation flagship processor snapdragon 835. Allegedly speaking, snapdragon 835 will feature with Samsung’s most advanced 10nm manufacturing process. In addition, Qualcomm expressed that snapdragon 835 will support the latest Quick Charge 4.0. Due to the new 10-nanometer process […]

16Nov 2016

In the last hours, Facebook has announced the support of its app messaging Messenger with Android Auto, the app made by Google that allows the driver to access easily and safely to certain features such as navigation, music and messaging while you are to the guide. With a number of apps already built on the […]

16Nov 2016

An article published by the New York Times in recent hours is doing much to discuss the community Android. Under analysis is in fact the report of Kryptowire analysts that Hanoi identified a backdoor hidden in some Android smartphones of low-cost range. Specifically, a set of software tools developed by AdUps collects personal information – […]

16Nov 2016

Google and Facebook are working together against false notifications: Companies are denying access to advertising tools to operators of relevant websites.   Google and Facebook are now working against websites with false messages. The news service Reuters reports that Google and Facebook join two internet giants to counterfeits the fight. Thus, one denies news pages, […]

15Nov 2016

Huawei evolution has been simply stunning. Gone are those first approaches of an unknown Chinese brand that made its way with midrange terminals – low and was viewed with some suspicion. Now it has got to be one of the great and be in line with those who were their referents: Samsung, LG or HTC […]